Create a visibility niche at work

Have you ever asked yourself: What are you known for at work? Is it something worth celebrating?

Businesses are often recommended to define their market niche. A niche is described as an area of specialization. It is a problem that you can solve when operating in your ‘zone of genius’. The same can apply to your career

‘You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be something great for someone’ – Matt Chevront

When I started my career, several analysts were doing the same work as me. I wanted to find a way to stand out. During our team meetings, I often heard people complaining about corporate reporting. I identified that as an opportunity to create a visibility niche. 

I learned all I needed to know about it and volunteered to take on corporate reporting tasks that people willingly gave me. After some time, people saw me as the corporate reporting expert. I was being called to high-profile meetings to provide updates on the reports I was creating. As a result, my knowledge increased and my visibility as well.

I once attended a meeting with an executive building a new team and needed someone with corporate reporting expertise. The executive encouraged me to apply once the competition was open. So, I applied and landed a promotion a few months later. 

Career Planning

Creating a plan and strategy for advancement will help you in identifying your visibility niche. First, have a clear vision of where you want to go. Know what you want, like and dislike in your work and work environment. Knowing this ahead of time will help you make decisions that don’t compromise on your values. 

‘Zone of Genius’

What are you extremely good at? This is often something that comes very naturally to you. Your visibility niche can be in an area where you demonstrate unique expertise and excel beyond your peers. Are you stuck in identifying your ‘zone of genius’? Sometimes we don’t see value in the things that come naturally to us; ask those close to you what they think you are really good at?


Like a business, developing your visibility niche at work involves listening to the needs of your audience (employer or clients). Pay attention to where there is a gap and be ready to meet that need. 

In conclusion, creating a visibility niche at work is an effective way to stand out from the crowd. It becomes part of your personal brand as a professional. You can communicate your niche on your performance appraisals, resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

Whatever niche you decide to move forward with, always remember to GROW WITH IT. To be good at something means educating and investing in yourself to be able to succeed in it. I am sharing a copy of the Ultimate Guide to Work Smart and Get Promoted that outlines 5 areas to focus on to move up in your career.

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