Making A Swift Career Shift

Making a career change can be intimidating and overwhelming. It’s crucial to outline your plan for success. Here are 5 step to make a swift career shift.

Assess your current situation

This is an analysis of the status quo. Look at where you are now and determine what aspects of your career you are satisfied and unsatisfied with. Knowing and understanding where you are now will help you in identifying where you want to go. During this process, list your current skills, professional experience, academic achievements, and talents.

Identify your desired situation

In this stage determine where you want to go. Identify and visualize your ideal career.


Without an employment goal, you can find yourself spending lots of time applying for random positions that may not align with where you want to be in your career. You need to know what kind of opportunity you want. Do you want something part-time or full-time? What are the types of benefits you want from your job? What industry do you want to work in? What would your ideal job title be? These are all questions that are important to ask before seeking a new role.


Once you have defined your employment goal, the next step is to find companies and organizations that fit your goals. Research the company and current openings in your desired industry. Cross-check your findings and see how it align with your career goal.

Identify and fill the gap

Now that you have looked at your current and desired situation. Determine what the gap between the current and desired state is and establish what needs to be done to fill the gap. Write down the actions that are necessary for you to achieve your goal in a realistic timeframe. Some of the next steps may include:


Based on your job search target, update your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn Profile, and other self-marketing tools. In a recent blog post, we provide further details on how to make your resume stand out. Employers and recruiters will receive hundreds of resumes for an individual job posting. Most employers and recruiters will not take more than a cursory glance at your resume unless it stands out. Tailoring your resume for the role you are applying to will ensure that you are positioning yourself as the best candidate for employers.


One of the tips we always give candidates is to organize and keep track of their application stage for every position. We recommend doing this because it helps candidates realize where they are with each application. It also helps adjust the approach if the applications are not leading anywhere. Keeping track can be done using something as simple as a spreadsheet, a planner, or even a notebook. Take the time to organize your job search; doing this helps you stay on top of the application process.


Develop a list of 20 people who can help you achieve your goal. This can be a friend, a relative, a professor, or an old boss. This job search action plan includes a worksheet to help you develop your ‘Top 20 People List’. Leverage LinkedIn in this process to connect with people who can support you in reaching your employment goal.


Make a schedule to help you stay on track. Job searching can be exhausting but following the steps above will help you strategically navigate the job market. Block time every day to focus on the job search. During this time, act like you are going to work. Get dressed and stay focused. Creating a schedule instills discipline in you. It also gives you a set amount of time to dedicate to job searching, which is vital.

As Warren Buffet once said, ‘The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself’. If you need help with your job search journey, WeApply offers free 30-mins job search career coaching consultations. Book a call with a Certified Career Strategist today by clicking here.

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