4 Job Search Mistakes To Avoid

Despite the uncertain economy, companies are still hiring. Having an effective job search strategy and reprioritizing your job search activities will help you accelerate your job search.

Here are four job search mistakes you can avoid saving time and get the career you deserve.

Mistake #1 – Sending your resume everywhere and anywhere.

Your resume and cover letter should be targeted to each role you apply for. Your resume is a self-marketing tool and should answer, ‘Why should we hire you?’. One of the fundamental aspects of marketing is understanding your market’s buying motivators. What drives customers to make a purchase? Know your potential employer’s buying motivators. Know what will cause them to hire you! In other words, read the job poster, do some research on the organization, and update your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile accordingly.

Make sure you match what you have to offer with what the employer’s hiring needs.

Mistake #2 – Not having a job search target

It is essential to narrow down your job search by identifying the desired role, employer, and industry.

  • Identify the role: Understand the responsibilities and requirements. You can identify three to five ideal job titles for your job search. The Job Bank is a valuable resource to help you in this stage.
  • Identify the employer: Understand the company or organization. For instance, research the corporate culture, products & services as well as leadership. Create a target list of companies. Set up Google Alerts to get informed about news affecting your ideal employers. Follow your target companies on LinkedIn. In addition, you can subscribe to the company’s emails, blog, and social media channels.
  • Identify the industry: Understand the current trends in the industry and future forecasts. Be aware of how the pandemic has affected the industry.

The more specific you are about the opportunity you are seeking, the more likely you will find it. Take some time to define what you are looking for in your next job. If you need some more help to plan an effective job search to get the career you want, download a free Job Search Action Plan. It includes a Top 20 Peoples List to help you focus on networking.

Mistake #3 – Endlessly scrolling through job posters

Often job seekers receive daily job alerts from various websites on recent job openings. Receiving job alerts and scrolling through them does not constitute job searching. It is essential to take action!

Our recent blog post ‘Making a Swift Career Shift’ provides a step-by-step process of taking action in your job search.

Mistake #4 – Doing it alone

Remember that people hire people. While job searching, connect with people, not only job boards. Your network can help you identify unadvertised opportunities and connect you with hiring managers. Find out who are the people behind the job posters. Connect with them on LinkedIn or by email. You can use websites like hunter.io/ to help you find employees’ email addresses at various companies.

You can also use LinkedIn to connect with employees in the role, the industry, or the company you are looking to work for. By optimizing your LinkedIn profile with relevant keywords and key phrases, recruiters can find you when conducting a candidate search.

Pro Tips:

  • Join online networking events.
  • Join networking groups on Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Approach recruiters and companies directly.

In conclusion, connecting with a career coach is an effective way to stay motivated and accountable during your job search. You can use this link to find out about our job search coaching services.

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